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Meet Dundee Kim

Initially learning the art of boxing to protect himself from bullies, Dundee Kim eventually harnessed his skills to become a two-time amateur boxing champion in South Korea. From there he migrated to Australia to become the Associate Director of International Relations, and then the Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University. He eventually became the founder of Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness gym in Brisbane.

Throughout his lifetime, Dundee has helped countless clients become the best they can be through weight loss, improvements in health and fitness, successes in fitness model competitions and boxing tournaments, confidence building, life coaching and much more. Further, he has actively helped clients improve issues with diabetes, blood clots, blood pressure and other health related issues.

He also helps children overcome issues with dementia, concentration and ADHD by strengthening their focus, direction and drive.

Dundee believes that the concept of “training” just isn’t about physical training – it’s about motivation, persistence, education, encouragement, loyalty, growth and trust. He believes that the most effective training can only be achieved with the right coach – even the world’s greatest athletes have coaches. Through the right training, a person is able to achieve goals they never would have imagined.

Here's a brief history of Dundee Kim

Early Career

  • 1984: Learnt to box to protect myself and became a two-time amateur boxing champion, representing my boxing division for my home state in South Korea
  • 1989: Trained in the National Army Service of South Korea
  • 1992: Realised the importance of study and decided to learn foreign languages
  • 1991: Boxing opened up the opportunity to learn Japanese as well as become a boxing trainer in Japan
  • 1994: Studied Mandarin at Beijing Polytechnic University in China
  • 2004: Fully sponsored Permanent Resident Visa by CMS Central Queensland University – International Brisbane Campus
  • 2006: Recognition of Outstanding Performer in Marketing/Sales, James Cook University Brisbane
  • 2007: Most Outstanding performer in Marketing, James Cook University Brisbane
  • 2009: Competed in INBA bodybuilding competition in QLD
  • 2009: Qualified as a Personal Trainer and completed Certificate 3 and 4
  • 2009: Qualified for First Aid International and CPR Certificates
  • 2010: Qualified as a Training Assessment Assessor

Expanding Horizons

  • 2000: Graduated with Diploma of Ministry at ACOM in Brisbane
  • 2000: Attained the position of Marketing officer at Central Queensland University Brisbane, International Campus
  • 2003: Promoted to Sales & Recruitment Executive at Central Queensland University Brisbane, International Campus
  • 2003: Graduated with Master of Business Administration at Central Queensland University
  • 2004: Associate Director of Sales at Central Queensland University Brisbane International Campus
  • 2006: Attained joint membership of QLD Taiwan Chamber of Commerce as an Honour of Consultant
  • 2006: Became first Associate Director of International Relations at James Cook University, Brisbane
  • 2009: Promoted to Regional Director of International Relations at James Cook University Brisbane
  • 2009: Founded Dundee’s Body Care Trust, trading as Dundee’s Boxing & Fitness
  • 2011: Created own boxing program which has been accredited by Fitness Australia – Boxing Confidence for Trainer / Certificate 1 and 2(CEC 15 points for Personal Trainers)