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Our Personal Training Courses

When it comes to fitness education and personal training, Fit Education is an industry leader. The Fit Education team have over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in all aspects of the fitness training industry. Fit Education’s PT courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to work in the challenging but rewarding fitness industry.

Certificate III In Fitness
Certificate IV In Fitness
Diploma Of Sport Development
Certificate II In Sport And Recreation
Level 1,2 Boxing Confidence for Trainers

Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30321)

If you want to work as a gym instructor or personal trainer in Australia, the minimum requirement is a certificate III in fitness. This comprehensive course combines theory with practical experience, and will provide you with everything you need to become a fully qualified and job-ready fitness professional. As soon as you graduate you will be ready to work as a nationally recognised fitness instructor and to change lives through fitness.

Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40221)

If you want to work as a personal trainer (or if you would like to conduct group activity classes independently or in various locations) you need a Certificate IV in Fitness. This qualification is the standard for personal trainers everywhere in Australia.

After completing Fit Education’s comprehensive course, you will have the skills and knowledge required to work independently in your chosen field.

Diploma of Sport (SIS50321)

Fitness Education’s Diploma of Sport Development is aimed at fitness industry professionals who want to specialise in the field of strength and conditioning. This industry-focused course will increase your job opportunities, grow your income potential and help you to foster a successful long-term career. Not only will this course expand your knowledge of strength and conditioning – it will also teach you more about high performance training and developing performance-improving skills for athletes.

Certificate II in Sport and Recreation (SIS20115)

A Certificate 2 in Sport and Recreation will allow you to work as a community coach or recreation assistant. This course includes general coaching units and fundamental motor coaching skills, and it is also the best course if you want to specialise in one particular sport. Fit Education instructors will teach you how to apply the right skills and knowledge to a basic instruction session. This course is eligible for VETiS government funding.

Level 1, 2 Boxing Confidence for Trainers

Our boxing course will help you improve your specific boxing skills, as well as muscle groups such as calf, hamstring, back, arm and core muscles. When you first learn it may be challenging, but gradually you see noticeable changes in speed, reaction times, coordination, tone of your muscles and confidence.

These boxing training programs will provide specific processes to improve skill levels, as well as educating people about boxing in general. Learning proper boxing skills is fun and helps manage stress levels. You can even teach your family and friends!