Dundee Kim Featured in Majoriti 7: Age is Merely a Number

Majoriti 7 Dundee Kim

Recently, Dundee Kim, the head of Fit Education’s International division, was featured in a comprehensive interview with Malaysia’s first premium weekly Bahasa Malaysia newspaper, Majoriti 7.

In his discussion, Kim touched upon various subjects, mainly focusing on the significance of exercise, particularly for those over 40.

On the topic of why some feel they’re too old to start exercising by the time they hit 40, Kim highlighted that though the body might face reduced flexibility and a decline in bone density with age, it’s never too late to begin. It becomes even more crucial for older adults to remain physically active. Exercise can counteract the effects of ageing, such as bettering cardiovascular health and preserving muscle mass. Kim advises older adults to consult with a healthcare or fitness expert who can suggest exercises tailored to their individual needs.

Kim is unequivocal about the importance of strength training. It’s not only about physical benefits, such as improved posture but also aids in enhancing blood circulation, bettering sleep patterns, and reducing stress.

According to Kim, the drop in exercise enthusiasm post-40 can be attributed to numerous factors, including work stress, prioritising family or involvement in children’s school activities. However, he firmly believes that a blend of daily walking and strength training forms the perfect entry point for late-starters.

Kim emphasises the benefits of engaging a professional trainer, especially for novices. Personal trainers can mould exercise routines to individual needs and impart correct techniques to stave off injuries.

Regarding how often one should exercise, Kim suggests that late-starters aim for six sessions a week with a rest day in between. Starting off gradually helps in avoiding injuries and burnout.

Wrapping up his discussion with Majoriti 7, Kim imparted words of motivation by giving a glimpse into his personal regimen. He begins his day at 5 a.m. with a nutritious breakfast, setting the tone for a productive day, ensuring he can offer the best services to his clients.

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About Majoriti 7:

Drawing inspiration from the bustling urban life, Majoriti 7 stands out with its tagline ‘Adrenalin Metropolitan’, offering a unique perspective on both local and international scenes. It is a pioneer in being the first of its kind in the national language, catering specially to metropolitan communities. From astute commentaries on prevailing issues to spotlighting a world of extraordinary people, styles, and exclusive locales, Majoriti 7 echoes the cultures and achievements that mould our communities, representing the modern and progressive voice of Malay society.

Head Coach Dundee Kim Poses for American Muscle Cars

american muscle cars dundee

american muscle cars dundee

As reported on our Brisbane boxing gym website, our Head Coach Dundee Kim was asked to model for upcoming muscle car supplier, American Muscle Cars.

Dundee, who is in his early 50s and helped train Jeff Horn to beat Manny Pacquiao in the Battle of Brisbane, is proof that it’s never too late to be in the best shape of your life. While managing Dundee’s Fiteducation and helping teach his students work in outstanding fitness careers, he is working hard to compete in INBA.

american muscle cars dundee 2