Dundee Kim and Fit Education International Media Mentions

Dundee Kim, the Managing Director of Fit Education International, has been making waves in the fitness and sports education sector not just in Australia but also in Malaysia. Recently, he has been featured in numerous Malaysian news outlets discussing the myriad benefits of studying fitness in Australia, the prospects of being a personal trainer and the holistic approach of Fit Education International.

A Visionary Institution for Fitness Enthusiasts

Fit Education International, based in Australia, is a nationally registered education institution accredited by the Australian government. It boasts a modern, immersive learning environment, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive education experience. Founded in 2018 by former boxing champion Dundee Kim, the institution has a clear mission: to equip students with real-world training experiences and employment opportunities.

The courses offered by Fit Education are not just theoretical. They are practical, comprehensive and well-rounded, ensuring that students are job-ready upon completion. The institution’s team comprises seasoned professionals who have collaborated with renowned sporting teams like the Australian Wallabies and London Irish Rugby.

Lucrative Career Opportunities in Fitness

Students of Fit Education have the potential to earn between AUD $50,000 to AUD $75,000 (approximately MYR 150,000 to MYR 225,000) annually while on a student visa. The career prospects are diverse, ranging from gym instructors, personal trainers, sports coaches to high-performance coaches. Considering that the fitness industry in Australia is valued at a whopping $1.9 billion in 2023 and continues to grow, Fit Education is strategically positioned to help Malaysian students kickstart their careers in this lucrative field.

The institution offers a range of courses including:

  • Certificate III in Fitness (CRICOS Code: 107897J)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (CRICOS Code: 107868C)
  • Diploma of Sport (Coaching) (CRICOS Code: 107802K)
  • First Aid and CPR

Why Study Fitness in Australia?

Australia’s fitness industry is booming and with institutions like Fit Education International, international students have a golden opportunity to tap into this market. The blend of theoretical knowledge with practical training ensures that students are not just academically proficient but also industry-ready. Moreover, the chance to work with professional sporting teams provides an unparalleled experience, setting students on a path to success.

Mentions in Renowned Publications

Dundee Kim’s insights and the achievements of Fit Education International have been recognised and featured in several esteemed publications including:

In conclusion, Dundee Kim’s vision for Fit Education International is not just about imparting fitness education. It’s about shaping the future of the fitness industry, one student at a time. For international students, especially those from Malaysia, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Engage a Personal Trainer for your Boxing Workout Routine in Malaysia

Boxing has been around for centuries as a combat sport, but it has recently gained popularity as a fitness training routine in Malaysia. With the rise of professional boxing events and the success of Malaysian boxers on the international stage, more people are discovering its numerous benefits for both the body and mind. Boxing is a full-body workout that engages all of your muscle groups, helping you to build strength, endurance, and balance. It’s also a great way to relieve stress and tension, boost your self-confidence, and build mental resilience.

Additionally, boxing provides you with the opportunity to be part of a supportive and growing community, where you can train with others, make friends and encourage each other. While it’s a great way to get fit, it’s important to have proper guidance and support to ensure that you’re training safely and effectively. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, you’ll discover how boxing training can help you achieve your fitness goals and improve your overall well-being.

Customised fitness training program

When you engage a personal trainer for your boxing workout routine, they will create a customised fitness training program that is tailored to your fitness goals, needs, and abilities. This means that the program will be designed specifically for you, taking into consideration your fitness level, experience with boxing, any medical conditions, and your schedule.

Your personal trainer will begin by assessing your current fitness level and discussing your goals with you. They will then design a training plan that is challenging, yet achievable, and that is focused on helping you achieve your goals. This may involve a combination of cardio and strength training exercises, as well as specific boxing techniques.

Your trainer may also take into consideration any limitations you may have, such as existing conditions or injuries, and modify the program accordingly. They may also adjust the program as you progress and achieve your goals, ensuring that you continue to challenge yourself and make progress toward your ultimate fitness goals.

Proper technique

Boxing can be a rather complex sport as it requires a lot of skill and precision, and it can be difficult to master it without proper guidance. With a personal trainer, they will be able to help you break down the different techniques involved in boxing, such as the punches and defense, and teach you how to execute them the right way. They’ll be able to provide feedback and correction as you progress, ensuring that you’re performing each technique safely and effectively.

Proper technique is important because it helps prevent any unwanted injury by ensuring that you are not placing undue strain on your joints or muscles. Another factor would be it can make your workouts more effective by ensuring that you are using the correct muscles and engaging them in the right way. Finally, it can also improve your performance in the sport of boxing, as proper technique is essential for success in the ring.


By engaging a personal trainer, there’s added accountability that comes with having someone to answer to. When you work with a trainer, you are making a commitment to yourself and your trainer to show up for your workouts and to give it your all. Having someone by your side can hold you accountable for your progress by tracking your performance, setting goals, and monitoring progress over time. In addition, they will provide motivation and encouragement, helping you to push through and stay committed to your fitness goals.

Accountability helps you to stay on track with your fitness goals, and provides a sense of structure and routine to your workout regime, making it easier to stick to over time. Having a personal trainer also helps you to identify areas where you may be struggling and help you to overcome those obstacles. They may also provide tips and strategies for overcoming mental or physical barriers as well.


Personal attention and feedback

One of the biggest benefits of engaging your own boxing trainer would be the personalised attention and feedback that you’ll receive. When you work with them, they will design a program that is tailored specifically to your needs, goals, and fitness level. They will take into account your strengths and weaknesses, as well as any existing or past injuries and health concerns you may have.

During your workouts, your fitness trainer will provide you with one-on-one attention, helping you to focus on proper form and technique, and making adjustments as needed. Personal attention and feedback are important as it helps to ensure that you’re performing the techniques correctly, minimising the risk of injury while at the same time ensuring the effectiveness. Furthermore, it provides you with a sense of confidence and support, helping you to feel more comfortable and motivated during your workouts. This allows you to progress more quickly and effectively, as you receive guidance and feedback every step of the way.

Mental support

When you work with a personal trainer, you will have someone who is dedicated to your success and well-being, both physically and mentally. Boxing is a physically demanding and challenging workout, and it’s easy to become discouraged or overwhelmed at times. Having a trainer can provide you with the emotional support and encouragement that you need to keep going and stay motivated. They can help you to set realistic goals and develop a plan for achieving them, and provide you with the support and guidance needed to stay on track as well.

Moreover, having a personal trainer can also provide you with mental support by helping you to develop a positive mindset. They can help you to reframe any negative self-talk and develop a more positive and empowering inner dialogue. This can be particularly helpful when you encounter any obstacles in your training or are struggling with self-doubt.


A career as a personal trainer

cert 3 fitness graduate

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who meets all of these criteria, Fit Education (International) is a great choice. They offer a range of courses and certifications for aspiring fitness professionals, including comprehensive personal trainer courses. This course covers all aspects of boxing fitness training, including technique, training methods, program design, and client communication. Upon completion of the course, graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to train clients in boxing fitness and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Moreover, teaching boxing can be a lucrative career choice. With the rise in popularity of boxing as a fitness routine, there is a growing demand for qualified boxing fitness trainers. By completing the personal trainer courses from Fit Education (International), you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to start your own personal training business or work in a fitness center or gym.


In a nutshell

Engaging a personal trainer for your boxing workout routine in Malaysia can be highly beneficial, provided that you choose a trainer who meets the necessary criteria. Look for someone who is certified, has good communication and motivational skills, and takes a personalized approach to training. And if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a boxing fitness trainer, consider taking courses from Fit Education (International).

If you’re interested in exploring boxing as your next workout routine and reside in Malaysia, click here to learn more about our programs! Make sure to mention this blog post for a special offer.

Congratulations Daniel For Completing Certificate 3 in Fitness!

cert 3 fitness graduate

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to our student Daniel Chalarca who just completed his Certificate III in Fitness. Initially coming from Columbia as an international student, he has received world-class training and education – we also offered him work at our gym.

He is also currently practicing to teach Pilates (we have a new Pilates course coming soon) and is working towards his Certificate IV in Fitness, as well as his Diploma of Sport.

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PT Courses Demonstration at Student One! Plus More

boxing health student one

We had fun at Student One in Brisbane, Australia during our special BBQ day. We hosted food, fun and had some live demonstrations for our students that showcased showed a glimpse of some of what we teach, including:

We have been in charge of providing Student One students fitness training for three years now. We absolutely love seeing students from all over the world have fun and get fit. If you’re a Student One student who hasn’t joined one of our events, make sure to come along!

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